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March 2023 Petitions

Please pray for the special intentions of those below


Prayers are asked for a gentleman whose name is Walter. He is 74 years old and has a very serious case of prostate cancer. He is going under treatment which consists of 5 days a week of chemo and hormone therapy for the next 8 to 10 weeks.

Thank you,

An update on Katie, Marge Loenser's granddaughter. As you know, Katie has brain cancer and has been receiving chemo and radiation. It was my understanding it would be finished in February and that she would go in to a rehab and get physical therapy and other therapies. Her husband, Jessie has gathered his little family together for the past few weeks; they have all been together in their home in Toms River. Situation is still quite serious and I so appreciate your continued prayers.
All my love,
Let’s continue to pray for our country

I had requested prayers for Robin Olson in June of 2022 because she was diagnosed with cancer. She had her 1st post treatment (chemo and radiation) scan and it showed that the cancer has returned. She has a tumor in her abdomen and the lymph nodes in her neck show cancer activity. 

Mercerville NJ