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May 2020 Petitions

Please pray for the special intentions of those below


All, please pray for a friend of mine who recently became the father of a 4th child. His name is Douglas. Doug works in a hospital in Central PA, and yesterday during his routine duties he accidentally walked into a cart maintaining containers of blood.  It had been placed in the wrong area so Doug was not aware it would be there. Unfortunately one of the containers broke and the blood spewed out and went all over him to include it's getting into his mouth.  The blood was positive for HIV. It will take up to 15 days to see if he contracted the HIV. Thank you.

Theresa, Ocean

Please continue to pray for my friend Nancy. She had the pacemaker implant and was doing well until a few days ago. She has developed Shingles and is in a lot of pain.
Thank you!

Joanne, Brick NJ

Thank you Lord for the continued health of my almost 92 yr old Mom and almost 94 yr old Dad. Please remember them in compassionate prayer, as the isolation from their children and grandchildren is extremely hard on them (especially Mom). Special blessings for Dad’s 94th birthday on May 28th. Praying for all people to be able to have their “needs" satisfied as You would have it. May we all continue to help our brothers and sisters  survive this crisis. Have mercy on the souls of all the deceased and give consolation to their families. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Susan, Toms River NJ

Please pray for Sarah, she is going through what looks like post Postpartum depression. She has not seen a doctor yet, and gave birth to her 4th child a couple of months ago.
Please pray for Christopher, son of a dear friend.  He has developed clots in his lungs and has been hospitalized. Covid-19 test negative, but the doctor awaiting the antibody results, which he feels will offer a more definitive answer.

Theresa, Ocean NJ

Please pray for Brian White as he has come down with Viral Meningitis and is having a hard time and in a lot of pain.

Marlene, Howell

I ask prayers for my family and continue health for all of them and also all you have ask me to pray for them. Thank you and God bless. 

Rosalie, Eatontown, NJ

Please pray for my niece who is a nurse. She just tested Positive to Corona Virus. She has 2 young children her name is Jenna.
Pray for my nephew Jonathan who has Lyme Disease among other things they are looking for. Thank you.
God Bless you and be safe!
Would we be able to meet with Zoom??

Cathy, Lakewood NJ

Please pray for my husband to find a new job quickly, and for all those who are unemployed.

Mary, Eatontown NJ

Please pray for my daughter Sandy’s former neighbor Lorraine. She succumbed to COVID yesterday after being on a ventilator for more than 40 days. God's peace for her husband and daughter.

Joanne, Brick NJ

Rid ourselves of the fear of this insidious evil virus...
It’s mutations are many as a nurse working with + Covid 19 patients, (negative Covid 19 yesterday every 2 was) death are labeled due to virus yet not true... because of money making virus...
Praying for all those I care for and all my fellow healthcare workers.
In Gods mercy he has enlightened me a sinner as I now enter a covid 19 room...there is no fear but joy for I see what Our beloved Jesus suffered.
I begin with 3 isolation gowns, 3 pairs of gloves, 3 masks one of which is N95, head gear, goggles which now impair you vision (wearing glasses they fog) at first annoying but then becoming painful as it digs into our face, also I must not forget scrub hat and covers for our shoes, which if not careful I may fall for the floors our [sic] slick under these protectors.
Now I am ready to care for those poor souls my brothers and sisters who have no one except me, a familiar face now...looking for hope and mercy... oh how they fear "you are + Covid 19."
As I gaze upon their eyes it’s Jesus eyes I see thru his grace, which now pleas for my compassion, as I gasp now for my own breath because these masks are suffocating, I sweat from all I’m wearing, thinking I shall pass out.
But now I am blessed to enter the passion of our Lord...oh how he felt abandoned, in pain, suffocating from hanging there upon the cross unable to take a deep breath, his body trembling, perspiring blood and water from his holy body...
And here I complain for I’m only in this room a short time...
So now when I enter thru the grace,love and compassion of the Spirit of God, I am not afraid but strengthen for I know God is in control and He alone shall save humanity and I, this mere creature He has given life to may serve him.

Mary Ann, Oakhurst NJ

My grandson Archangelo ( Archie) 18 months old has been running high fevers, last night 5/14 it was 105.4, they live in Colorado, Doctor thinks it rosella and he did get the rash.  They did a test for C19...no results yet. Reading your news letter about pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome was no coincidence. Please pray for my grand son, I just came home from living with my daughter and family a week ago. I was there for three months to help with the newborn Sonny, born 3/02/20...now this. Thank you.

Lynn, Toms River NJ

That Francis would make the right decision about his life next month.
That Karen would find a way to offer her difficulties to the Lord and find peace as well.
That his bosses would see Scott's value and treat him with fairness.
In Jesus' most holy name we pray.

Anonymous, NJ

For my son Daniel who was just admitted to detox and placed in a medically induced coma in order to assist him in getting off of a lethal cocktail of doctor prescribed psychiatric drugs. He is also addicted to cigarettes, pot, and alcohol. Please pray healing from traumatic childhood memories as well.

Marie, Barnegat NJ

Please pray for my friend Nancy. She will be undergoing surgery on Monday to have a pacemaker implanted.
Thank you

Joanne, Brick NJ

My brother has Covid. He lives in a nursing home in Princeton. He was hospitalized for a week and put on hydroxie chlora. After a week he was sent back to nursing home still on oxygen and still infected. Isolation for two weeks then back to his room. Still exhausted and still on oxygen.  His name is Normand. Please pray for him. Thank you. God Bless.

Maddy, New Jersey

Beloved Sisters in Christ, my Husband turned 85 in October. For the past several months his health has been declining. He is no longer able to bathe himself, dress himself etc. His name is Cleve. Please pray for St. Joseph's intercession as he moves closer to being united with our Blessed Lord. Please also pray for me as I am his sole caregiver. May God continue to bless your Ministry and families as we move through these prophetic times. With love and grateful affection. In Jesus through Mary.

Diane, Rahway NJ

Mark - a young man who is undergoing a second round of chemo treatments to fight Leukemia. He is not responding as hoped and so we continue to pray for a miracle.

Viola, WT NJ

I pray that my daughters may resolve their issues from the past so that they may reconcile and make our family whole again. I pray that my whole family and their significant others will come to know, love, and serve Jesus. Amen. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.

Marge, Spring Lake NJ

My cousin was critically injured in a home gas explosion, 40% 3rd degree burns, may lose his hands and they are starting skin grafting today. Please prayer warriors, he needs our prayers. Thank you.

Karen, Freehold NJ

Special intentions.

Regina, Middletown NJ

Prayers for my father Jose, 94, who lives in an assisted living facility, on a memory unit. Prayers of thanksgiving for recuperating from his fever. Pray for him, and all who are separated from loves, for peace and joy in their hearts. Jesus, I Trust in You!

Evelyn, Freehold NJ

I am requesting prayers for a lady I visit for our Pastoral Care Ministry. Her name is Vincy and she has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Vincy is 99 years old. Her family and I are all hoping to share her 100th birthday on November 25th.

Theresa, Ocean

Please pray for a very old friend, Henry, he is very ill. Thank you.

Maureen, NJ

Lord we pray for a swift easing of the effects of this current pandemic and pray for all those who are sick or have died from the effects of the coronavirus. Instead of singing Happy Birthday twice as we wash our hands, say an Our Father for strength and to keep us safe and healthy. Amen.

Stephanie, Howell NJ