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August 2020 Petitions


Please pray for the special intentions of those below


Lauren, 32 year old mother of 10 month old Lucia, was just diagnosed with a large benign tumor sitting on her brain stem. She is in JSUMC waiting for a 6-8 hour surgery to remove it, which might not be until next Friday due to the doctors busy schedule and the availability of the OR. This is a very dangerous and  complicated SX with a 50 50 survival rate, with permanent life changing effects for normal life function.

Please pray our Divine Physician will perform a healing miracle for Lauren and that His peace and mercy will abound to her family.

Thank you


Teri’s  Progress

Sisters, I know you have been praying for our sister Teri,just an update. Blood work is negative, that is good. They are proceeding with 3 mega doses of steroids intravenously. Then 5 days of oral steroids. Teri is hoping this will get the inflammation in both eyes down. She will be in touch , please keep praying.


I have a prayer request for Diana, the wife of a deaconate candidate who has two baby boys. She is being tested for MS and has asked for prayers.

We know all prayers given to our Blessed Mother are heard by her son, Jesus. May God's will be done.


Jillian Barracato has asked for prayers for a dear friend whose daughter was in a car accident at age 23, and  has been 6 years now in a nursing home because of her Tramatic Brain Injury. She depends on a feeding tube and is in a coma like state since the accident. Now her friend has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Please pray for Jillian to help her friend get through this and that both she and her daughter receive a healing miracle.

Thank you, Sisters in Christ for your faithful prayers!

Joanne, Brick

Got a call from a good friend, her mother-in-law, 80 years old, is having a complete hysterectomy as she has cervical cancer. Her name is Ruth Panis Ruskin, please keep her in your prayers.

Special intention for a friend of mine named Tricia.

Theresa, NJ

After mass this morning a parishioner of my church asked us to please pray for Sydney. Sydney is a 4 year old little boy who has just begun chemotherapy for Leukemia. He will have to undergo this treatment for a couple of years.
Thank you for your prayers!

Joanne, Brick

Requesting prayers for our Teri, a long tome member of the CWOZ Ministry.  Teri is having trouble with inflammation of the optic nerves in both eyes. This is a rare condition. Her vision is blurry,  she has been spending days in the ER undergoing treatment and seeing a doctor who has been doing a steroid treatment.  That has now been stopped.  As she now lives in PA it looks like she will be going to Philadelphia to a Neuropathologist. She will keep us informed. 

Theresa, NJ

Pray for a dear friend of mine who was in an accident on Monday. I care about him like my own child. He is the most sweet, caring, respectful young man I have ever met. He has the biggest heart. He has been in critical condition for a week now and hasn't woken up yet. His name is Michael. A go fund me page has been set up for him at https://gf.me/u/ykcmf3 if you are interested in supporting him with a donation. Thank you.

Melissa, Hazlet NJ

Prayers of praise and thanksgiving for answered prayers. The Lord has provided a new job for my husband. All glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Mary, Eatontown

Please pray for Paul M. who is in the hospital with multiple, serious problems. May the Lord keep him in the palm of his hand and if it be Thy will, take him swiftly to reunite with his beloved wife. Amen

Stephanie, NJ