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Nine Days of Healing Prayers

As a spiritual exercise, the Catholic Women of Zion urge you to dedicate your daily prayers for nine consecutive days to the following needs. These nine days of prayer can be undertaken by anyone who wishes and can begin whenever you choose.

Day 1 - Healing and Peace in the World - Sufficient food, clothing and shelter for all people

Day 2 - Healing and Peace in the Country - End to drug and alcohol abuse

Day 3 - Healing and Peace in the Community - End to child abuse

Day 4 - Healing and Peace in the Church - Renewed faith in God

Day 5 - Healing and Peace in Families - Reconciliation between parents and children

Day 6 - Healing of Our Memories - Healing of childhood memories

Day 7 - Healing of Our Emotions - Easing of stress and anxiety

Day 8 - Healing of Our Physical Illnesses - Health of family and friends

Day 9 - Healing Us Spiritually - Acceptance of God's will