Second Sunday of Lent

Transfiguration: A Time for Change

Second Sunday of Lent

Reflection based on:
Mark 9: 2-10

Transfigured on Mount Tabor, Jesus wanted to show His Disciples His Glory. This story of Jesus' Transfiguration prompted me to ask myself a couple of very important questions: Does my experience at Mass, while in prayer and listening to the Word of God proclaimed, include me being influenced by Jesus and Transformed?

Does it include the promise that I can hear from heaven like Peter, James, and John did and be changed by what I hear? I may not know exactly what it feels like when the Lord is speaking to me, but there are a few signs I can be on the lookout for. It may be a great sense of presence, happiness, peace, or joy...especially after receiving the Eucharist.

Another sign I have personally experienced has been a desire in my heart to worship and praise Jesus. I thank Him for His love and gifts and for the many times He has answered my prayers. On occasion, I have felt moved to show greater love for my family and friends, or a growing desire to serve the Lord, whether in the parish or in the community.

 A few times, especially during Lent, I have reflected and asked myself, if I notice the holiness in others around me, or some of the stories of the Saints, will that help me change my behavior? I have learned not to discount these feelings! Jesus works in many ways, there is always hope, and trust, and the more I respond to Him, the more confident I am that I will be Transformed in His love.